How is Hunter Antiques compensated for holding an estate sale?

Our fee is a percentage of the proceeds of the sale itself.  We believe that having qualified Estate Sale Representatives is the best way to ensure you will have a very prosperous sale.  We know the fair market pricing of each item we sell, and this knowledge ensures you a prosperous sale.

Do you work outside the State of Florida?

We work primarily in Jacksonville and the North Florida area, but Hunter Antiques is happy to consider sales in other areas.  We have conducted sales in over 30 cities in the U.S. in the last 17 years.

What types of merchandise do you appraise?

Antiques, Fine Art, Antique Furniture, Militaria, Porcelain, Pottery, Coins, and all types of Collectibles.  We have the knowledge and expertise to research ANY ITEM you feel the need.

What if the estate does not warrant conducting an on-site sale?

We will purchase the estate, and we could still sell the Real Estate for you.

If I have questions, when is the best time to contact you?

We realize that under these circumstances that you may be under distress, so we make ourselves available to you on a 24/7 basis. Email is not monitored overnight, if we receive one after hours we will call you at 7:00am to alleviate your situation.

What if we have items we would like to have from the estate?

We encourage family members to take those items that have sentimental value prior to having the sale, before we access the home. Once we have contracted with you for the estate sale, we ask that nothing be removed since our contract is based on the contents of the sale when the first assessment it made.

How long does the preparation and sale actually take?

This really depends on the contents of the home or business.  We like to have at least 7-10 days to set up and conduct the sale, but we understand that there are times that the sale needs to happen more quickly, and we do our best to accommodate such circumstances.

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